Design – Fabrication – Installation

Custom Metal Fabrications

Croydon Metal Works Ltd offer our customers in a variety of industries with premium quality fabricated metal components. Our services include: CNC machining, bending, rolling, punching, and welding of aluminum, steel, and copper from coils, sheets, tube, or bar stock. We have a large range of equipment and extensive metalworking experience in creating everything from specialty fabrications


Croydon Metal Works Ltd offer a variety of arc welding and resistance welding services. Arc welding capabilities include MIG, TIG, flux core, and stud welding to applicable AWS and G6 standards. We can assist customers in determining the optimal arc welding method for a given material and application. Additional available welding processes include spot, oxy-fuel, spray, and overlay welding. We can efficiently handle high production jobs as well as single repair projects.

Welding Repairs

Croydon Metal Works Ltd are very experienced in all areas of welding, from big jobs to small. Equipment repairs include agricultural, commercial, industrial and construction.

Bespoke Metal  Designs

Croydon Metal Works Ltd are often asked to design and build things you can’t just go to the store and buy; we can help take your idea from the drawing board to production.

Metal Restoration

Croydon Metal Works Ltd are very experienced in restoration of old as well as newer metal work. If you have fine antique wrought iron, copper or bronze work that needs repair or making a matching part or item, we can do it. If you have an aluminum, iron or even stainless piece that needs re-painting, polishing, etc., we can make it look new again. Some things can be done on site and others need to be brought to our metal workshop to restore.